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Rodeo Research

Submitted by desrosin.local on Sat, 10/10/2015 - 3:59pm

Rodeo Research

Rodeo Catastrophic Injury Registry Mission Statement:

The mission of the Catastrophic Injury Registry (RCIR) is to collect and analyze world wide injury incidents to rodeo and bull riding participants.  This data will help us identify injury prevention strategies and equipment modifications, specific to the hazards of rodeo and bull riding events.

The RCIR encourages participants, parents, caregivers, organizations, and fans to report catastrophic injuries that occur in rodeo and bull riding.  This registry is the only worldwide electronic site enabling the scientific collection of data on the following injuries:

  • Fatal
  • Non-fatal – permanent functional disability (e.g., quadriplegia)
  • Serious – without permanent functional disability (e.g., fractured cervical spine)

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